Where you can use Vim

After you learn Vim bindings, you’ll want to use them everywhere. Luckily, there’s no shortage of programs with built-in Vim modes or polished Vim plugins.


Sublime Text

Sublime Text has built in Vim mode called "Vintage" for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3. If you use Sublime Text 3, the Vintageous plugin is recommended.


The holy editor war of Emacs vs Vim. It doesn’t need to be so. Emacs has what is possibly the best Vim plugin out there–EVIL mode. For many users, using Emacs with EVIL is the best of both worlds.

Note that Emacs is as much operating system as text editor, and the amount of time you’ll need to devote to mastering it is considerable.


Using actual Vim will get you perfect Vim behavior (it’s Vim, it doesn’t need to emulate itself!). Vim also offers many additional features beyond the basic Vim bindings that are covered in the Vim Valley course.


There are 3 Vim plugins available for Eclipse–Vrapper, Vimplugin, and Eclim

Jetbrains Editors

You can use Vim in all of Jetbrains editors (IntelliJ Idea, Webstorm, pyCharm, PhpStorm, Rubymind, CLion, Appcode, Datagrip, and Android Studio) using the ideaVim plugin.


LightTable’s Vim plugin

Visual Studio

Two options for Vim in Visual Studio include ViEmu and VsVim.


You can use Vim bindings in Netbeans with the jVi project.


The Atom editor has multiple Vim plugins, including Vim Mode Plus.


You can get Vim bindings in Xcode with XVim or ViEmu.

MS Word

You can even get Vim bindings in MS word (hey we won’t judge) with ViEmu.

Other editors

This is not an exhaustive list. Chances are if the editor you use is popular, there is a way to use Vim bindings with it.


If you spend a lot of time in a web browser, setting up one of these plugins is worth your time. Being able to fully navigate and interact with web pages using only the keyboard is a big win.


There are 2 polished plugins for Vim bindings in Chrome: Vimium and CVim.


Vim bindings are provided in Firefox by Vimperator and VimFx

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